Useful keyboard shortcuts in Pincello



Pincello comes with a range of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to create, update and customize your timelines even faster. Below you can find a complete list of shortcuts to help you work more efficiently.


Pincello Keyboard Shortcuts


Data View Shortcuts


Go to the next cell in the current row.

Shift + Tab

Go to the previous cell in the current row.


Go to the next cell in the current column. 

Shift + Enter

Go to the previous cell in the current column.

Up/Down arrow

Increase/decrease/change values inside the active cell.

Left/Right arrow

Move cursor left/right inside the active cell.


Change item type to milestone (M) or task (T).


Close shape/color/date picker controls.

Ctrl + Shift + Space

Open/close the shape/color/date picker controls. 

Ctrl + Shift + 1

Add a new row of data above current row

Ctrl + Shift + 2

Add a new row below current row.

Ctrl + Shift + 3

Duplicate the current row of data.

Ctrl + Shift + Backspace              

Hide/Unhide current row.


Layout View Shortcuts

Shift/Ctrl(Cmd) + Click

Select multiple timeline elements in Layout View.


If you need a quick reminder regarding the key combinations, you can instantly access the complete list of shortcuts straight from the Data View tab in Pincello, by clicking the small keyboard icon at the bottom of your data list:



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