How to reorder your tasks in Pincello



When generating your timeline, Pincello will position your tasks on the graphic in the order you’ve entered them in Data View or the way they were arranged in your Excel table when importing. When customizing or updating your graphic and adding new items, you may want to reorder the tasks to provide a clear view of your project. This can be easily done in Layout View – here’s how:


  1. Select the task bar you wish to move or just hover your cursor over it. What we’d recommend you to pay attention to here is that your cursor’s shape changes into a cross before moving forward. Otherwise, you may end up repositioning a centered text or resizing the task bar instead of moving the task.


  2. Now, drag the task bar vertically in the desired position relative to the other tasks until you see a green guiding line, which indicates you’ve chosen a valid spot. Simply drop the task there, and Pincello will instantly reposition it.


  3. Repeat for the rest of the tasks you wish to reorder – it’s quick and easy!

Note: Currently, reordering tasks can only be done from the Layout View tab. However, whatever changes you make here will instantly be reflected in Data View as well, so that you always get a clear overview of your data.


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